Kamera Tartók

Capture the best photos and videos possible with RAM® camera mounts. RAM’s patented ball and socket system, allows easy positioning of your camera for the perfect angle. Constructed with the highest quality materials, the RAM design dampens shock and vibration for a steady picture every time.
GoPro Tartók
RAM GoPro® camera mounts help you capture clear, steady video from any angle. Upgrade your current GoPro mount to improve reliability, strength and vibration reduction. RAM’s ball and socket system incorporate a special rubberized ball that absorbs shock to keep your GoPro camera in place whether you are riding, paddling, sailing, flying or off-roading.
Garmin Tartók
The Garmin Virb adds additional dimensions to the high definition video including speed, distance, elevation and more. RAM’s Virb camera mount attaches directly to the under-side of the Virb camera, replacing the factory mounting bracket. The RAM adapter allows you to mount your camera with unlimited possibilities while ensuring a strong hold and device protection.
Kis Kamera Tartók
Whatever camera you own, RAM has a mounting solution for you. Utilizing a ¼” – 20 threaded steel stud, these RAM Mounts will connect to any standard female thread found on digital cameras and camcorders. The patented ball and socket design dampens vibration and an expansive selection of bases provides unlimited camera mounting options.
Nagy Kamera Tartók
RAM Mounts provides a variety of solutions for larger camera mounting. Any large camera utilizing a ¼” – 20 thread will work with our 1” rubber ball base with 2.5” diameter round plate. This reinforced camera mount provides extra support and stability for cameras resting on top of it. A variety of mounting options allows you to mount your camera for a variety of applications.
Telefon Tartók
As phone cameras have improved in quality, so has their use. RAM® X-Grip® phone mounts provide a minimalistic profile and strong hold wherever your adventures take you. The RAM® X-Grip® is easy to open and close with spring-loaded arms that do not block the camera view. For added security, RAM offers the RAM® X-Grip® Tether for ultra-rugged environments.