Keep your hands free with RAM's extensive line of truck & car mounts for phones, tablets, Laptops, GPS, cameras and much more. Whether you are behind the wheel or in the back seat, RAM’s vehicle mounts have a design that will be perfect no matter which type of vehicle.

For Industry

RAM offers the most rugged and reliable mounting solutions for any industrial applications. An innovative design and durable materials from RAM make up the best mounts on the market for public safety, work trucks and commercial fleet vehicles.

Windshield Mount
RAM's suction cup base is perfect for windshields and passenger windows for holding any handheld device. It features a heavy duty twist-and-lock mechanism that makes it the most secure suction cup base available. The integrated ball adapter is made of non-slip material, and allows for 360 degree adjustment for perfect positioning.
Floor Mount - Laptop
RAM Mounts provides an extensive line of drill-down and drill-less mounts to secure your laptop computer for easy, non-distracting access. RAM laptop vehicle mounts provide simple installation and limitless configurations. With the unique and patented ability to absorb damaging shock and vibration, RAM laptop car mounts keep your device steady and safe.
Floor Mount - Tablet
Choose from an extensive line of drill-down and drill-less mounts to secure your tablet holder mount quickly and easily using the existing hardware of the passenger side seat rails. No-drill bases connect to your seat rail without any drilling necessary. Support anything from a tablet to a smartphone without obstructing leg room or field of vision.
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A simple and versatile and mobile phone and tablet car mounting system, Tough-Wedge™ slides securely between your passenger seat and center console for easy device access while the car is not moving. The Tough-Wedge™ can also be inserted into your back seat pockets for back seat access.
Cup Holder Mount
The cup holder base can be mounted in an empty cup holder, and is easy to install and remove. Flexible support fins make the cup holder base conform to most vehicle cup holders, so you can use it anywhere. The base connects to your device with a double socket arm with two adjustment points, making the cup holder one of the most versatile vehicle mounts on the market.
Dash Mount
Use an adhesive base to secure your phone, GPS, or tablet to a vehicle dashboard. RAM's modular design means you can mix and match components to find the perfect build for the space in your vehicle, and position your device screen to the perfect viewing angle.

Backseat Passenger Mounts

There's a RAM Mount for everyone, including the backseat passengers. Thanks to RAM's versatility and modularity the backseat passenger can have their device in the most convenient place while on the road, whether it is up high near the head rest area or down low near the center console. Ideal for mounting tablets at the perfect viewing angle for the most comfortable experience.

Tough-Wedge™ Seat Mount

Torque™ Head Rest Mount